Autumn in Budapest

Autumn in Budapest

Films and hotels have many aspects that are the same. For example, there is always a big vision, an idea.” Francis Ford Coppola
Autumn in Budapest has a taste of discovery, chocolate and adventure.
When I arrived at Ferihegy (the airport), it was very cold, but I was anxious to see with my eyes if the popular sentence “Budapest is the Paris of the East” was true.
It definitely has overcome my expectations! Budapest offers a wide range of wonderful places that worth a visit: the thermal baths were amazing, an experience that you must try almost once in your life. As well as the Vajdahunyad castel that remembers a mix of Dracula and Disney’s princessess’ atmosphere; the Central Market in which you can buy the famous Hungarian ’salami’ or the less reknown (but worderful) secret boxes; the huge bridges on the Danube that link the Royal Palace of Buda and the commercial centre of Pest.
Last but not least, Budapest offers a free visit of the biggest Parliament in Europe after Westminster (free visit for all European citizens. Go to for further information).
This quintessentially European capital bears the splendid signature of a truly European history like no other. Its ambience resonates with a multicultural charm rich in Roman, Italian renaissance, Ottoman, German and Austrian impressions, offering a unique composition that makes up the Hungarian culture and identity. This magnificent Danube-side metropolis reveals European history at its most concentrated. Its architecture speaks of centuries of inspired imagination, its curative thermal spas include 16th century Turkish baths and its diversions include one of the world’s most famous Christmas markets, a wide variety of culinary and cultural festivals and a buoyant contemporary art scene. Theme walks introduce Europe’s very first café culture, stunning fine-de siècle architecture with a local twist, a ubiquitous fascination with Bauhaus and modernism, the vibrant Jewish quarter –  which is graced with Europe’s largest synagogue but is also the hottest party central – or the newly renovated bazaar below the castle. Sprawled along Strauss’ mythical and dominant Danube, the cityscape reveals Budapesters’ favourite fixation: Pest-siders prefer their commercially buzzy, party-hardy Pest, while Buda-siders appreciate their quaint, leafy, hillside Buda idyll.

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Fabiola Cinque

Napoletana fino alla milionesima generazione (dal 1.400), nobile d’animo ma non più per albero genealogico, viaggiatrice e curiosa delle bellezze e delle stranezze del mondo riporto tutte le mie impressioni attraverso tutti i sensi che abbiamo e che vogliamo usare. Di estrazione e definizione “fondista”. Azzurra di nuoto per tutte le distanze più lunghe e massacranti che vi possono venire in mente. La fatica è il mio karma. Mai nulla regalato, tutto conquistato. La comunicazione e la pubblicità sono la mia anima, la moda la mia vita presente e futura. Vivo in un paese bellissimo dal quale desidero sempre di allontanarmi, per tornare e riassaporare i profumi ed i sapori. La mentalità e l’amore sono anglosassoni, ma d’altronde si sa, i Borboni sono stati dominati dai francesi come gli inglesi e gli spagnoli, quindi le mie origini ed il mio essere è globale, sono bastarda dentro.
Fabiola Cinque

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