FENDI Baguette Special re-edition

FENDI Baguette Special re-edition

After the publication of BAGUETTEMANIA, the book edited by Rizzoli that celebrates the iconic Baguette Bag, the FENDI group decided to reinvent six of the most glamour and beautiful handbags introducing a special re-edition of the Vintage baguettes.

Silvia Venturini Fendi, main writer of the book and Creative director of the Italian maison, tells us how was inspired in the creation of these authentic jewels, protagonists of the Special-reedition.

Baguette Jeans

“I was in the garden playing with my children when Leonetta (my youngest daughter) started picking daisies and arranging them on my jeans.”,

Jeans, the symbol of daily life, an iconic element of the female wardrobe; blue denim has been applied to this bag which, for the first time, has been conceived as an article of clothing.

Baguette Gialla

“While standing at the window of my house on the island of Ponza, I admired the golden reflections of the sun on the beach at Chiaia di Luna and the waves gently moved by the breeze.”

This is the first bag which, although studded with classic stones, is intended for daytime use, thanks to its bright, light colors like yellow, green and pink.

Baguette Specchietti

“Often we would work at the house of my mother, Anna Fendi, especially in the winter garden. Here, between the kenzia palms and the orchids, there were baroque mirrors.”

From design to fashion: the idea of covering the baguette with countless small mirrors. Iconic models are available in pastel or black.

Baguette Zucca

“The magic of a glimpse inside a kaleidoscope. A dazzling, origami-inspired arrangement of seed pearls beneath which mysteriously you may make out the Zucca fabric.”

Each season new embroideries embellish the classic Fendi fabric with fine leathers, enamels and seed pearls.

Baguette Tucano

“With this bag I wanted to carry with me always the colors and sounds of Rio De Janeiro.”

After living many years between Italy and Brazil, Silvia wanted to pay a heartfelt homage to a country and the city so full of life that is Rio de Janeiro.

Baguette Paglia

“Romantic, always the same and yet so different, so that women all over the world have fallen in love. For a picnic don’t leave without a straw Baguette.”


FENDI Baguette Special-reedition

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