Antonio Grimaldi. A fashion citizen of the world!

Antonio Grimaldi. A fashion citizen of the world!

ROME – I have been a fashion lover and a continuous traveler for the last 13 years and I had the opportunity to study diverse cultures and different fashion trends over the years.

Lately, I started having the “déjà vu” syndrome which left me with the impression that global trends will make cultural fashion trends disappear. A visit to Antonio Grimaldi ’s minimal design Atelier in November 2017 at the prestigious historical setting of Palazzo Besso, made me regain the hope that even if fashion trends become more and more globalized, talented fashion designers who wish to exceed in the fashion industry pay great attention to detail, respect locality and uplift originality.

Antonio Grimaldi is Italian, but his style is driving the most beautiful women in the world crazy and, above all, it is conquering one of the most elegant cities in Europe: Paris. I entered in his fairy-tale world of international haute couture and I had an unforgettable experience.

Antonio Grimaldi, is not accidentally considered one of the most beloved couturiers of the new millennium who, with sartorial skills, combines a remarkable ability to reinterpret reality in the light of modern changes and evolutions. Rome is the city where he lives and works. Where he learned what it means to create and be a stylist. Paris is his future.

I tried many of his haute couture wonderful gowns and I experienced an uncommon ability: that of arising emotions. Very romantic, very seductive, very feminine. His collection, for summer 2017, reinterpreted the “pop” using prints and colors in a minimal and essential key. Multicolor micro-applications embroidered on the fabrics where black and white patterns triumphed, brocade borders and blouses with transparency bands for a voile effect alternated with lace and oversize tops. Color, in all its nuances, was the absolute protagonist of his creations and, in France, his presence is now a guarantee of quality.

Antonio enjoys playing with embroideries and transparencies, unveiling sensuality that should never be ostentatious but whispered by organs, silks, brocades. He believes that craftsmanship, reinterpreted in his haute couture creations in a contemporary way, is certainly the main element of his creations.

As I found out we have a lot in common and this was one of the reasons that I immediately felt so comfortable inside his stylish Atelier. Antonio Grimaldi is considering himself a citizen of the world since he loves traveling and being influenced by the beauty of new places and cultures. He has always considered Parisian allure the ideal stage to present his haute couture creations but at the same time he remains a great “Made in Italy” ambassador. Fashion is magical for him and Paris is the right setting for his clothes. Nevertheless, he is reductive in distinguishing his customers in Italian and French. He works a lot in the Middle East and he believes that every woman has her own story to dress. Fashion is a powerful communication tool for him that can be used to launch important messages. As he says, “If we talk about different cultures we cannot reduce fashion to styles and forms”

Antonio Grimaldi is an active and continuous learner. He always looks for new challenges and new stimuli. One of his wishes is to create a collection of accessories to match the “ready to wear” garments that bear his signature. I am more than certain that he will succeed in everything he does since he is a visionary, a very talented personality who also has his feet on earth.

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