Altaroma, the hymn to elegance of Renato Balestra

Altaroma, the hymn to elegance of Renato Balestra

ROMA – An enchanted garden at the Salons of Palazzo Brancaccio Renato Balestra’s Collection Spring/Summer 2018

Renato Balestra ’s Collection for Spring/Summer 2018 has just been completed at the Salons of Palazzo Brancaccio and I am sitting on my chair observing the people leaving the place while I am wondering how often it happens to be “enchanted” by a fashion collection…I can only say that creativity, inspiration and perfection are limitless in this collection.
The collection is dedicated to a young, delicate and refined woman, who appears to have just stepped from an enchanted garden. A garden that you do not need to have a rich imagination to understand that it is one of the most beautiful, sparkling and dazzling ones that anyone can be enchanted and captivated for life.
The leading color is green and it is being used in all its various shades: from the palest up to the classy emerald. Dresses are very earthy and are beautifully showered with blades of grass that make them appear like they are “stolen from a meadow”. White daisies made of silk, pearls and Swarovski crystals complement the elegance of the dresses.
Amidst layers and cloaks of organza and white flowers, the garden comes to life of midnight-blue dresses too. Magic is all around the space while the runaway takes place and the audience is blown away.
The bride of the collection is enhanced by three-dimensional stylized white flowers, blooming on a pale green lawn and cascading onto a corolla skirt made of layers of tulle.
Renato Balestra ’s collection is a hymn to elegance and magic this time and I feel honored to have been dazzled for a while watching his unique creations!
Thank you Renato Balestra for this wonderful imaginative trip of elegance!

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Renato Balestra AltaRoma 2018

Alex Oikonomidou

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