A brief chat with Roland Holzer

A brief chat with Roland Holzer

Born in Austria and Northern cooking fan, the Executive Chef Roland Holzer has offered tremendous inspiration to the shape and re-design of the culinary concept of Kempinski Hotel Corvinus, turning it into a mouth-watering gastro experience. Kempinski Corvinus’ culinary diversity and collaborative instinct are reflected by the presence of independent restaurants like Nobu and ÉS Bisztró on hotel premises, while his own team of professional food supporters and drinks connoisseurs have showcased their catering at numerous special events in the hotel, as well as external locations.

Nobu“I believe in the simplicity and honesty of food, respect regional history and see myself as an ambassador for innovative Viennese and imaginative Hungarian cuisine”, said Holzer. “Our food scouts have searched the region to find inimitable, seasonal ingredients as well as wines as part of an effort to promote the transparency of their origin. It’s a passionate delight that requires dedication and disciplined craftsmanship but remains the most satisfying adventure for all of us”.

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